Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Belated Fashion Blog: Tell It Like It T-I_is!

I recently attended the # 3rd edition Walk Fashion Show Atlanta on July 11, 2015 at the #Ambient Plus Studios in #Atlanta, GA. The producer was # Daishawn Franklin from Detroit, Michigan. More information can be found at or on Instagram @walkfashionshow.
I have been reticent to post anything as it was not the best of experiences.It has been said that location is everything but this was not the best of locations.  There was no valet parking, only street parking 3 blocks away, which also entailed walking across railroad tracks in heels to the entrance of the building, which had no railing on the concrete steps. SLIPPERY. Danger,Will Robinson, DANGER! Once inside, there were two more flights of concrete stairs to climb and no apparent safety strips present. The red carpet picture area was inside the loading dock elevator and the bathrooms were unkempt. It was quickly evident there was no air conditioning and once the event began the heat intensified with the lights of the photographers and from the runway. Sweat could even be seen in-between the models breasts;especially,since many of the garments had low cut bodices. People were sitting on the floor and removing their shoes; others were complaining of hairdos frizzing up. I had to take off all my jewelery and all my makeup melted off. Attendees were fanning themselves with whatever could be found, as there were no church fans or programs to utilize. There was one giant attic fan which Daishawn, dressed in a 3 piece suit, and I briefly shared to no avail. Later in the evening, windows were finally opened;but I was too drained and overheated, and could not stay till the finale of the second showcase. I; therefore, could not interview anyone, get any red carpet shots, or attend the after party ( hope it was a cool one. Literally).
There really should have been a catlog of all the participants with website, twitter, and/or instagram information as the sound system was not the best. The voice came across mostly indistinquishable and loud, so I never understood which designer fashions were walking down the runway. A solution could have been to project names on the wall or a screen at the beginning of the runway. Luckily a few business cards were obtained with the following info to share: WWW.OURGLASSCOLLECION.COM                                          
#riceespiecesdesigns #beyourownkindofbeautiful  #rpd
I have no photos to share as there were no charging stations or readily accesible outlets to recharge the iPhone and a lot of the models did not venture down the entire runway for media shots. Next time must bring in the Canon!!
The music,also, could have been a decibel lower but the live band was great during intermission.Then there was all the spanx that was seen through very sheer designs and those that were backless and/or cut just above the crack of the buttocks. There was a lot of #FreetheNipple and curvaceous models wearing thongs jiggling down the runway. Perhaps several visits to the gym are in order before voluptuos designs are modeled by bootylicious curvy women.
There were two showings : 3:oo PM and 8:oo PM. The first showcase involved emerging designers and the models of Walk University Childrens division, who were fabulous and onpoint. The young ones initiated the event and I felt were the highlight of the day. So much exuberance and charisma was exhibited by the future models of America. Kudos to #YoungSocialites childrens clothing designer. Most of the fashions were age appropriate; a few were a bit matronly and taffeta not necessarily the best choice of material for little girls. It was pleasing to see several young boys, many adult males, various heights and sizes, and several ethnicities on the runway.
I met a great photographer whose pictures can be seen on facebook. Search Kalika Wade. This was a perfect venue for networking and I was able to meet with representatives from #trendbrew and #meetupAtlantaFashionBloggers.

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