Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lace and the boho look are stylish once again (reasons why old styles are never thrown away as history repeats itself). Of course, if the garments are moth eaten, stained, dingy, or ill-fitting, that is a different scenario. Or you can be like me and reinvent the wheel. I'm always deconstructing something to make it anew. Currently, I am in need of a new sewing machine and I haven't gotten the momentum to stitch by hand. I had a knack for saving garment pieces in order to craft a memory quilt. Never happened, plus I've never quilted. Ambitious, eh?  I should have gotten that Project Runway sewing machine when it was featured on HSN (Brother 294 Stitch). It's coming though. One day I may present a lookbook or capsule collection. In the meantime, if I had designer mula, I'd buy what appears when you click on the links below:

My fashion sensibility minus any overt sheerness:
Evelyn Boho Black Lace Tunic
Evelyn Boho Black Lace TunicFound on
Black & White
Found on
Nina Ricci - R 15
Nina Ricci - R 15
LOOKandLOVEwithLOLO: Resort 2015 featuring Nina Ricci

Taken by Katherine Angelique (1)Lanvin Black Lace Dress | The House of Beccaria#
Good day,
I've finally awakened and consumed my banana-berry smoothie;for once I didn't start my day with coffee. Oops wait a minute! The coffee just stopped brewing. Today, it's Folgers Black Silk, but I'm also an aficionada of Starbucks Sumatra.
I've always wanted to write and could write very compelling letters. People would say they loved getting my letters, as they were like reading a book. But my spirit was dampened when no replies were ever received. So I stopped writing and I didn't even get a queery as to why no more letters were sent. I had a diary when I was in elementary school and received a horrific spanking for its contents, after Mama Dearest broke the lock and read it. I stopped writing. And as you can tell that experience is still indelible in my mind. Pain is in my heart. Oops, wait a minute: a tear.
I am an avid Pinterest follower and lover of fashion; although, currently the buying budget is miniscule. So I dream through Pinterest; it has become my Sears & Roebuck and JC Penny catalogs. I used to wait eagerly every year for the publications to arrive in the mail. Then I would go through some 500 pages and circle everything I wanted or dog-eared or folded the pages. Nowadays, there are computerized wish lists and I don't know if there were truly 500 pages of wishes, or that it just seemed so cause the Christmas edition was so large.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Starting again:
Hope to attend on July 11, 2015 at  Ambient Plus Studios 585 Wells Street Atlanta, GA

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

House of Beccaria

MCQUEEN | The House of Beccaria
Alexander McQueen | The House of Beccaria 
Paris Fashion Week Christian Dior Fall 2014 | The House of Beccaria#
43 - The Cut
Moschino | S/S 2014 |
Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Versace; all are fashion designer labels that have shown under The House of Beccaria. It is a fashion house that was established in 1983 and based in Milan, Italy.

What is Couture?

Abbreviation for Haute Couture = high dress making.
Fashion clothing made by hand without the use of sewing machines, sergers, or overlockers.
Custom-fitted tailoring not necessarily made to sell; but as an art exhibition on the runway.

Paris Couture Fashion Week: Elie Saab F/W 14 E1

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Wish List:
Meet Brazilian fashion designer and artist, Carlos Miele.
Visit Carlos Miele studio in New York's meat packing district:
408 W 14th St, Manhattan, NY 10014
See a Carlos Miele runway show, which began in 2002, during New York  fashion week.
Witness first hand the craftsmanship of the COOPA-ROCA cooerative and the artisans in Brazil's favelas. 
Rent one of Carlos Miele's gown for a special occasion:

I just recently discovered Carlos Miele on You Tube Reserve Channel show Behind the Label ( one of my new favorite viewings). And unbeknownst to me, I had already pinned many of his designs, especially the animal prints, on Pinterest.

Home | Carlos Miele Summer 2009

        Spring Summer 2009  New York Stores of the Year - Carlos Miele

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I spied a beautiful sweather-knit cape while watching Home Shopping Network. The best details of the garment are the pockets and that it doesn't have to be dry cleaned.
Hot in Hollywood "Irresistible" Cape

    Hot in Hollywood "Irresistible" Cape

The cape has been appearing on the runway for several years. 
Saint Laurent, spring 13Saint Laurent, spring 13

Examples of 2013 Capes on the runway.

love this cape                                                     chic