Tuesday, October 29, 2013

BMN-TV 10/25/2013

I recently received an email from an enterprising new venue, BEAUTY MEDIA NETWORK-TV and subsequently RSVP 'd to it's launch party for Friday, October 25, 2013 at Sha'Mari Salon, ATL, GA.
I made it to the masquerade themed event located at 480 John Weslsey Dobbs, Ste 130, ATL 30312 in the colors of the night: purple, green, and gold, complete with my authentic p,g,g, mardi gras mask; but everyone else was mostly in red and black and no one wore their masks. I quickly met the photographer of the night, www.AnastasiaMartin.4ormat.com, to take pictures against the red carpet backdrop. I'm waiting on her email with the wonderful pictures of me in my purple, crushed velvet peplum jacket, gold, spandex, skinny jeans, and colorful feathered mask. Alas, my iPhone was not fully cooperating as the photographer on this particular occasion.
Next I was pointed out to the mastermind behind BMN, Kimberly R. Cones, President. Her digital advertisement platform of BMN-TV aspires to assist hair salons, nail shops, and spas in customizing exclusive videos for each perspective client's establishment, that will showcase their events, stylists, facebook pages, fashions, retail lines, and products, such as BASIC Hair Care, one of the sponsors and donators of the swag bag.
There was food, drinks, and a presentation of Sha'Mari hair designs. The hair was fabulous and the model fashions quite exquisite. Infiniti of South Atlanta also represented with a drawing for a chance to drive an Infiniti for a weekend. (They've yet to call me concerning my win.lol). Sha'Mari was the first tour stop of burgeoning new shows displayed on BMN-TV monitors. I like the idea and can see it easily replace the magazines of yore. I've already seemed similar entertaining advertisement in clothing salons. I always like watching the runway shows as I shop for new treasures.
Kim R. Cones, President BMN
middle, Shannon, owner of Sha'Mari
Jumpsuit by L'Pur Amour

Courtney, modeling jumpsuit.

Photo updates courtesy of Anastasia Victoria Martin

Marvelous Model Courtney and FASHIONISTA G!
Exhibiting the mardi gras theme colors
at the 1st BMN salon tour stop, SHA' MARI
FASHIONISTA G! at Beauty Media Network 1st
Salon Tour Stop

FASHIONISTA G! (center)  and BMN attendees.

Shannon Smith (red), owner Sha' Mari hair salon,
 Midtown Atlanta
FASHIONISTA G!, Shannon, owner of Sha' Mari,
and Kim Cones, President and CEO of BMN.

FASHIONISTA G! (middle) and entourage of
 a man who called himself  "TDJAKES
Boo Hoo! I didn't win the free weekend trial of the 2014 Q50
through BMN sponsor

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I'M HERE! Standing out like a sore thumb with my electric blue Samantha Brown luggage, and immediately  someone tried to hustle me at the NYC and New Jersey Port Authority bus terminal. But I wasn't having it as I had already acquired some new travel savy and didn't have any change to spare. My adventure began at the Atlantic City Airport (ACY) where there were are no buses or trains available; only $10 jitneys to the casinos. All I required was transportation to my hotel. I don't participate in playing slot machines or cards. This adventure was gamble enough. The only other vehicle available was a $27 per person limo taxi for a 7 mile trip to my lodging. My first mission was to find a cheaper way to get to NYC. And I feel like I've been over hill and dell in doing so. I learned how to get on the NJ Transit City bus 454 which cost $2.50, but had me lugging my beautiful suitcases down a busy, no sidewalk, highway to the stop in front of a gas station, and then up the stairs to my seat on the bus. I later learned from the other passengers, the bus driver should have opened the luggage compartment for me, as he did for women with strollers and others with bicycles. I caught the bus in Absecon, NJ and rode it into Atlantic City to the main bus terminal. There, I finally boarded a Greyhound to NYC via a $22 online ticket purchase. Traffic was moderately good, despite a couple of accidents, and arrival was before the designated time.
So, NO, I don't have any money for a hustler to carry my bags or show me directons to the NJ Transit ticket booth, up the stairs, around the corner, and down the hall! My hotel for the MBFW 2013 adventure was located in Rochelle Park, NJ.,.....

First Fashion Show event #MBFW

I finally made it to New York for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I am a Facebook follower of Azy Banks, Sengalese International Male Model. I attended his event, Azy Banks Fashion Tour( Talibe Charity Foundation) in Spanish Harlem on Friday, September 6, 2013. Overjoyed to be in New York once again, the subway system was my illustrious guide. I made it unscathed, albeit tired and sweaty. Unbeknownst to me, Miss Ireland was interviewing one of the designers on the red carpet, as I arrived. I was later introduced to her once inside.It was then time to play socialite as I was there alone and knew absolutely no one. But all of sudden, who walks by? Azy Banks. I immediately recognized that face and he graciously acknowledged me, gave me a hug, and shook my hand. Thanks Azy. It was a pleasure meeting you.
I also met a kind soul who engaged in conversational banter with me at the event, Darryl C. Madison, Owner, MET Photography. www.madisonspics.zenfolio.com. He was very informative and I got to see him work magic with his camera. Hopefully, our paths will cross again in the future. I only wish I had had a camera like his to take better shots of the runway fashions, once we were ushered into the theatre. My iPhone died trying to take video so all I could do was sit back and enjoy the displays in awe.
WOW!! My first venture into he realm of MBFW New York.