Friday, November 15, 2013

Another New York Experience Saturday, 09-14-2013

While in New York during MBFW Spring 2014, I had the opportunity to accompany a friend to a studio for   a stage lighting and sound  production for Robert It was a chilly Saturday and I thought I was appropriately dressed for the weather with my new purple and fuschia wrap ruana and NYC logo bag.
Unfortunately, I had worn sandals and didn't pack a spare pair of closed toe shoes in my new carry-all; after all that's the reason why I had purchased the satchel as I was commuting daily from Rochelle Park, NJ into The City. Suffice it to say my feet began to get cold early on in this adventure as there was miscommunication about the rehearsal time and we really didn't know where the studio was located, which happened to be on a side street in Times Square. So we were outside more than in and a Starbucks across the street had beckoned me to it's warm interior. But once inside the Roy Arias Theater at 300 W. 43rd St., Hell's Kitchen, New York, I spied a wonderful photo on the wall and information board with the words Ball Drop, LLC. I had to laugh because I had had a horrendous experience on New Year's Eve 2012 trying to attend the ball drop; which was never seen cause the police kept pushing the multitudes of people further and further from the intended site. And now here I was possibly in the same building of the infamous event organizers; of course I had to take a picture.

FASHIONISTA G! inside RA Studios

FASHIONISTA G! at Roy Arias Studio, NY

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